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Effortless Awareness…

By Marcus Santer


“Most of our vices and addictions are done out of unconsciousness.
We are doing things without thinking about it.”
Elliott Hulse

I’m sure you don’t have any vices or addictions.

So let’s keep the spotlight of this post on me.

And if you happen to relate to any of it, all well and good.

Moving on…

Now, I don’t know about you, but practicing Qigong brought a whole new level of awareness to what I do in my daily life.

I literally gained consciousness.

And one day I simply quit smoking.

You see, it just didn’t make sense any more.

One day I smoked, the next I didn’t.

Later I quit drinking.

Now I had to get some help with that habit, but I simply knew I didn’t want to do it anymore.

No ifs or buts.

And recently I’ve become conscious of the fact that I frequently eat when I’m not hungry.

And now when I reach the kitchen I stop and ask:

“Am I hungry?”

If I am… I’m a green light for go.

If I’m not?

I see if I can think of a different activity – other than eating – to scratch my itch.

Bottom line?

The regular practice of skills based Qigong brings with it an effortless awareness of all your actions, thoughts, behaviours, addictions, habits and beliefs.

And it can be a powerful force for change.

But if you want to take it up a notch, I recommend you practice Cosmic Shower.

And in February I’m starting a month long, online class – teaching this advanced Qigong technique.

At the time of writing this there are 2 places left.

To see if you qualify – and if you do – to reserve your place.

Go here next.

Bye for now


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