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Don’t talk about it… Be about it

By Marcus Santer

Imagine you could go back in time…

To your 18 year old self.

And share just one lesson you’ve learned.

But you’ve only got 10 seconds to deliver it…

What pearl of hard won wisdom would you share?

I realised what mine was while writing yesterdays post: “Schools out for Summer

It’s this:

“Success is more often than not simply a matter of
doing what others won’t – not can’t – won’t.”

I learned this lesson earlier in the year from one of my mentors: Jon McCulloch

It’s something I’ve been doing most of my adult life without knowing it, but if I did, I’d have done so much more of it.

Here’s some examples of what I mean:

Whilst folk in my Taiji club spoke about learning authentic Qigong, I travelled to Spain on my own – and eventually all over Europe and Malaysia – to enhance my skills and techniques.

When people around me spoke about writing a book, I dropped $3K on a writing course with one of the biggest names in the industry and at the time of writing this I’ve written 5 books.

When my friends spoke about being self employed, I invested $8.5K on a coaching program. I couldn’t afford it at the time, it turned out to be a boiler room scam and I ended up massively in debt, but I kept doing what needed to be done and today I’m debt free and my business is booming.

Whilst others spoke about getting back into shape, I did the research. I did the self experiments, made the mistakes, failed many times but today I’m stronger, fitter and healthier in my 40’s than I was in my 20’s.

Whilst others spoke about how great callisthenics is, I travelled to Sweden to spend 3 days learning directly from some of the best names in the game. And when I failed the certification test, I dug deep and persisted until I passed it.

And you know what?

If I have to travel to South Africa (on my own) to learn how to make great folding knives…

You know I’ll do it.

And I ain’t writing none of this to brag.

Ugh, Ugh.

I’m writing it so that if you want to join me in Norway this October to take your Qigong skills to the next level…

You won’t let a little thing like travelling stop you.

Because there are people who talk about all the things they’d like to do.

And then there are those who do them.

Which are you?

Bye for now


P.S. Join me in Norway this October and learn PERFECT Qigong straight from the horses mouth…


And if you want to explore aspects of ZEN+

I’m sure we can find time during the breaks to do that.

Just let me know.

But you got to get there first.

Full details ==> Here <==

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