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Don’t be like a Tiger in a zoo…

By Marcus Santer

One night last week, whilst struggling to get to sleep in Rugby…

I had a Tara Brach lecture playing on my iPhone.

I think it was the one on healing self-doubt


In it she told the story of Mohini Rewa

Molhini – a white tiger – was the zoo’s star attraction and whilst they built an enclosure suitable for showing her off, Mohini was kept in a 12 ft by 12 ft cage.

In the cage she would pace around and around.

Finally her new enclosure was ready and everyone was excited to see what she’d make of it and her new found freedom.

You can probably guess what happened.

She couldn’t process the new freedom and went back to pacing around.

She was forever trapped inside a 12ft invisible cage.

She was never free.

Now I don’t know how true this story is.

I’ve dug around and simply find the same story told over and over again.

But it’s a good metaphor.

Life experience can trap you inside a small cage.

And over time your spirit can become locked up.

It’s easy to become like Mohini.

Fortunately you’re not a tiger in a zoo.

You’re a human being.

And I believe it’s never too late to set your spirit free, release your inner splendour and share it with the world.

But how do you do it?

Ah, now that’s the million dollar question.

One answer is to learn the advanced Qigong technique called Cosmic Shower.

And for an overview of how it works and what makes it so powerful…

==> Make this your next stop <==

Bye for now


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