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Change or die… Guess how many changed?

By Marcus Santer

I got home from Exeter yesterday after celebrating 15 years of marriage to the wonderful Clarabella and found my monthly Doberman Dan (DD) newsletter waiting in the mail for me.

Yes, I read other people’s newsletters.

Quite a few actually, all part of: Filling my tank. After making a cup of tea I squatted down and started to read.

This month DD is writing about what’s involved in setting up a supplement business. Something I have no interest in, but there are still plenty of valid lessons to be learned.

Here’s a summary of the part I found particularly interesting and saddening:

Dan refers to a study written by a world renowned cardiologist.

In the study he had 10 patients with advanced heart disease. Their situation was so bad death was guaranteed in less than 6 months.

Unless they made some simple lifestyle changes.

Changes which will be very familiar to you:

Now then whilst these changes are simple, I appreciate they’re not going to be easy but imagine you’ve got the incentive of dying if you don’t follow through.

You’d be pretty motivated wouldn’t you?

So, according to Dan, guess how many of the 10 patients made the changes, or even a few of the changes?


Yup, zero.

Isn’t that sad?

Now, it’s been said that prevention is a hard sell – I wrote about this in Chapter 07 of my ZEN+ book and shared 10 reasons why and 6 solutions – but I’m beginning to wonder if it’s actually impossible to sell prevention.

Because it seems to me folk will part with a fortune to solve health problems but will do almost nothing to prevent them.

Maybe I should stop promoting ZEN+ and start selling fear instead.

Instead of selling products and information proven to help folk live a happier, healthier and longer life I should start selling products to:

And so on.

Nah, I’ll stick to selling prevention.

Because whilst it’s clearly as popular as a turd in a swimming pool, I still believe prevention is better than cure and I’m guessing you do too.

Otherwise you wouldn’t be a ZEN+ daily reader would you?

Right, I’ve got a dog to walk, a ZEN+ Journal to finish editing and a ZEN+ Home Study Course to create.

So I best get skedaddling.

Bye for now


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