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Can you spot my mistake?

By Marcus Santer

Yesterday, whilst I was walking through the woods with Louis I got text.

Reading it I was informed I would be getting a delivery between 11:28 and 12:28.

But it didn’t tell me who from.

So after Louis walked I fired up my trusty computer and searched on the tracking number I’d been given.

The only clue I could find was under the heading: Senders Reference.

The word there was ‘PROOF’

Mystery solved.

And true to their word, Dominic from DPD delivered my package at 12:09.

Tearing it open I was filled with a mix of excitement and terror.

Terror because there’s a huge difference between what something looks like on your computer screen and what it actually looks like in print.


Excitement because this is the next vital step to bringing the Healthy Ageing Pyramid to life.

Finally I got into the box.

And spilled it’s contents onto the floor.

You can see what I got in the photograph above.

I hastily flicked through to check the pictures I’d included had come out okay – they had.

I checked the paper to make sure it was what I wanted – It was.

I checked the cover to make sure the colours where okay – They were.

And then it hit me.

My mistake.

Can you see it?

Clue, it’s to do with the spine of the book cover.

Though to be fair the photograph was taken this morning and there’s still no hint of daylight outside, so you might not be able to make it out.

So let me reveal what I noticed…

I’d forgotten to put the bloody book title on the spine!

I kid you not.

My brain kinda stalled for a moment and then kicked into frantic motion as I tried to cover all the options and work out a best course of action.

Long story short…

A quick call to my contact at CMP book printing plus some hasty Photoshop-fu and the project is back on track again.

It’s been paid for.

And it’s been queued for printing.

With the title on the spine this time *Doh!*

And I’ve been given a delivery date of Tuesday 17th at the latest.

As long as that happens, my plan is to get it into the post to you by Friday 20th at the latest.

Now then, at the time of writing this there are still 49 copies available for pre-order.

Pre-order today and you’ll receive:

What next?

Well, I’m off to help Ollie get ready for school.

You on the other hand should pre-order your copy of The Healthy Ageing Pyramid book (if you haven’t done so already).

You’ll find all the details right here

Bye for now


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