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The biggest lesson learned from 3 years spent on the road…

By Marcus Santer

It was 7:30 last night when the phone started to ring.

I was in the Kitchen and I’d just finished flash frying my grass fed, Red Ruby steak and steaming my kick-ass Kurly Kale.

Against my better judgement, as I let my steak rest, I picked up the phone.

I’m glad I did.

It was my friend Michael calling from a place in Mexico that sounded very much like: See You Later =)

Michael is one of the very few people on this planet I’m happy to talk to on the phone whilst eating – I’ve known him since I was 17 and I literally owe him my life. But I’ll only tell you that story face-to-face.

So I plugged in the headset, apologised for eating and sat down to listen.

I haven’t heard from him for over a month as he and his wife have been travelling around South America. Though I can only remember him saying Patagonia and the Inca Trail


Whilst we were chatting it turned out it’s 3 years today since he left London.

The weekend before I travelled up to help move all of his and his wife’s belongings into a storage facility. There wasn’t much to be honest as Michael had done a stellar job on getting rid of a lot of stuff before hand.

But three years!

Can you imagine what that’s like?

The life nomadic.

Me being me I wanted to know what his biggest Aha’s! had been during that time. He mentioned stuff like:

And stuff like that.

And then he paused and told me the biggest, the most important lesson he’d learned from living the life nomadic and all the uncertainty and trials it involved was this:

“Acceptance is the key.”

Acceptance is the key.

If you’ve been reading my daily posts for a while, you’ll have heard me talk about the power of acceptance.

It’s so important it made it into my new book:

ZEN+ The Art and Science of Living Healthier for Longer

It’s on page 125.

In the book you’ll find another 119 other tips to help you navigate safely through the trials of life, live well and die young as old as possible.

Pre-orders still being taken – Full details and benefits here.

Bye for now


P.S. If you’re one of the 30-ish folk who pre-ordered…

But for whatever reason…

Didn’t fill out the email notification form on the Thank You page you should have been taken too once you’d completed payment.

Please reply to this email with your PP receipt number and I’ll send you the complimentary PDF version of the ZEN+ book I promised.

If you haven’t pre-ordered yet, there’s still time.

And the link to the PDF version is on the Thank You for your payment page.

P.P.S. If you need relationship advice, Michael is one of the most qualified and experienced people operating in this profession.

This is his website

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