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By Marcus Santer

Brazil has a population of 200.4 million.

Making it the 5th largest country in the world, by geographical area and by population.

And by my calculations you could fit nearly 35 UK”s into it.

It’s big.

It’s also home to one of my clients that’s been with me the longest.

In fact I think he goes all the way back to my Shaolin Chi Kung Book (2008).

Thank you for your support Clovis, all the way from Brazil, I really do appreciate it.

Now I bring this up, because I got an email from Clovis on Monday (13/04/15) letting me know the two ZEN+ books he’d ordered had arrived.

He even sent me a lovely little photo of him holding them:

Zen+ Recebimento

You know, sitting in my Woffice in Dawlish I can’t help but be staggered by all of this.

I shipped 250 hard copies of the ZEN+ book out to clients all over the world including exotic places like:

I posted to 21 different countries in total.

All from a small Woffice in Dawlish.

I tell you, I am humbled and grateful beyond anything you can imagine.

But hang on a minute…

I posted those books out on the 23th of January if memory serves me well.

That means it’s taken nearly 11 weeks for Clovis’s books to reach him.

**Ouch** that’s a long time.

Thanks for your patience Clovis.

Now I always keep a few copies of each book back, just in case the postal service has an off day and ships a book out to the Bermuda Triangle by accident. So if your book never arrived, please send me a copy of your Paypal invoice and I’ll either get you another copy sent out (I’ve only got 3 left), or a full refund.

Moving on…

The ZEN+ book is now only available to purchase in PDF format.

Which has the major benefit of almost immediate delivery.

If you’re looking for a blueprint to help you live a happier, healthier and longer life, your search could be over.

Check it out now whilst it’s still fresh in your mind.

It’s available here.

Bye for now


P.S. Z+HSC update?

Hmm, still having issues with formatting and re-uploading all the video content for the 18 Shaolin Exercises Qigong set.

Thought I’d nailed it yesterday, until I tested it…

Anyway, once I’ve taken Louis for his morning walk, I’ll get back on it like a fat kid on cake =)

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