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Beware the Health Diet Cults

By Marcus Santer

So there I was flicking through a copy of:

Diet Cults by Matt Fitzgerald.

And I really like the way he defines what a cult is:

Now I’ve been a member of quite a few organisations, institutes and “Ways” over the decades that clearly fit this description of a cult.

And they’re not always evil or wrong.

But followers can easily get brainwashed and act quite savagely towards anyone not part of the cult.

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Feel free to ask me how I know.

But back to the point of today’s Z+D…

Having recently being immersed in studying the many, varied diets of the world I’ve reached one very clear conclusion:

There is no one diet
that’s best for everyone

You’ve evolved over a very long period of time to be able to thrive and adapt to a diverse range of different foods.

Usually influenced by what was available where you were whlist you were evolving.

Extreme examples being the Inuit who don’t get much fruit and veg due to living in Arctic conditions. And yet they have very good health and low levels of the types of the disease so common here.

Bottom line…

Your’re not like the Koala bear who can live solely on eucalyptus leaves.

Now fast-forward to the 21st Century and it’s the time of the Health Diet Cults (HDC):

And many more.

The trouble is, followers of a HDC often seek to convince you their way is the one true way to health.

And you know what?

Each HDC can make a convincing argument for their view.

But you don’t have to dig to deep into the research available to find an equally valid counter argument or two.

So what do you do?

Fight to death via forums and blog posts?

Or simply accept there is no perfect human diet.

Of course, some food is better, healthier and more nutrient dense than other foods.

But when it comes to being lean and healthy…

When it comes to extending quality of life and vitality…

When it comes to living and ageing well…

There’s more than one way to skin a cat.

So resist the urge to join a HDC and instead do your own research, experiment on yourself and find those things that work best for you.

Yes there are well proven places to start that nearly every HDC agrees on:

But the rest?

Invest the time to find a way of eating that fits the way you live your life.

Chances are you’ll find it’s a personal blend of several different Health Diet Cults.

Now if you want to save a lot of your precious, finite time.

If you’d like to benefit from the research I’ve done into this subject – research based on science, not so common sense and personal experimentation.

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Bye for now


P.S. It’s not just Health Diet Cults you’ve go to guard against.

When it comes to living healthier for longer you’ve got:

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