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Bad news… And good news…

By Marcus Santer


The Saturday Quote:

“The simple fact is, you can’t have everything and you can’t do everything,
you can’t become anything you set your mind to… Simply because some things are impossible.
That’s the bad news… The good news is you can almost certainly improve your lot in life by following a few surprisingly simple and powerful routines and strategies to get the most out of life.”
Jon Mcculloch

This quote just about sums up the ZEN+ Project.

It’s aim is to share time-tested, evidenced based:

All specifically dedicated to making certain you can rig the game of life heavily in your favour.

I do all the research and where appropriate self-experimentation…

…So you don’t have to.

You just have to apply what I share to your life.

And in the process you save massive amounts of:

And the frustration of going down yet another health dead end.

Now I like to share the big picture stuff in these posts, but the details and the how to I share each month in the ZEN+ Journal.

And in May’s Journal I’m planning to start sharing what I’m calling my:

The Health, Happiness and Vitality Pyramid – Evidenced based habits, tips and routines you can use to live and age well.

You see, I’ve noticed something from 16 years of working with folk to help them live…

… Longer…

… Healthier…

And happier lives.

I’ve noticed many people invest most of their time, energy and money on the least effective methods of health.

And at the same time neglect the most important.

But it’s not surprising.

Sometimes when Clarabella’s looking at clothes in the supermarket I’ll make the mistake of looking at the health and fitness magazines.


Yup, because I’m always left feeling a little dazed and confused as to what’s really important when it comes to living and ageing well.

So in May’s Journal…

I’m going to make it crystal clear exactly what you need to do…

…By presenting a list of evidenced based habits, tips and routines. And I’m going to list them from most important to least important – based on my research.

So that…

After reading it you’ll be able to easily separate ‘the big rocks from the small pebbles’ and you’ll always know where to focus your effort in order to get the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to living and ageing well.

Sound like something you’d find helpful?

Well, if you’re already a ZEN+ Journal reader, you’ve got it all to look forward to.

And if you’re not…

You need to go here next to join us.

Bye for now


P.S. When you know which health habits are the most important and which are the least important….

You’ll never again be confused as to what you need to be doing to live and age well.

You’ll never again be suckered into buying some:

Or any of the vast array of chicanery and shenanigans the health industry gets up to so it can keep sucking your hard earned bread out of your pocket.

After May’s – and possibly June’s Journal too because it’s such a big subject – you’ll never again be in any doubt about:

And most importantly in what order…

To live and age well.

But you need to be a ZEN+ Journal reader to get this information.

Because you won’t find it collected together and so clearly presented anywhere else.

Go here next and join us whilst it’s still fresh in your mind.

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