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Back to school blues…

By Marcus Santer

There’s an atmosphere in the house this morning.

It’s so thick…

You could cut it with a knife.

How come?

Because Clarabella and Ollie are both starting back at school today.

Now Clarabella will be fine.

She’s off back to some funky inset day where the staff go Dragon Boat racing in order to bond or some such thing.

It’s Ollie I’ve got my eye on.

Whilst he’s his own person, he’s also my son.

And I know how worked up I used to get before starting back after the 6 week school holidays.

I’d lament all the wasted hours I’d spent doing nothing.

I’d beg to have the time back again so I could fill it with fun.

And my stomach would get all tied up in knots as the clock counted down to the inevitable…

“Come on Marcus, time to go to school.”

Man, I still get goose-bumps now just thinking about it.

Fortunately Ollie doesn’t seem to take after me too much in this respect.

He’s watching an episode of The Simpsons and as I type this I can hear him laughing.

But over the last few days every time he’s moaned and complained about going back to school I’ve given him little pep talks.

The main subject of which is…

Stay in the Now.

Because I don’t know about you, but I’ve always found I’ve been able to cope with whatever is happening right Now.

It’s my fear, worries and doubts about future events I have difficulty handling.

But Now…

Now I can handle.

And I believe you can handle whatever the future may have in store for you…

One Now at a time.

It takes discipline and practice to stay in the Now.

Staying in the Now is an important part of the “+” in ZEN+

The other important element is social connection.

And because of the interconnectedness of your body the rest of ZEN has lots to offer you too when it comes to moving smoothly and elegantly through your life.


September is very much a time of new starts,

A time for:

And so no.

But why wait until January to get started on stacking the odds of living healthier for longer in your favour?

Get started today.

If you’ll do that, you’ll gain a 4 month head start on the rest of the world.

And hey…

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Bye for now


P.S. The other subject that’s come up frequently in my recent pep talks with Ollie is:

Feelings aren’t facts…
They’re just feelings.

And trying to change negative feelings is usually – in my experience – a total waste of time and energy.

Far better to invest the time redirecting your energy to more useful pursuits.

Like working out how best to join me in Norway this October

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