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As rough as a badgers armpit…

By Marcus Santer


The Saturday Quote:

“We have made sleep deprivation a symbol of ambition. And rested a symbol of lazyiness. We have made being too busy a symbol of importance.”
Dr Shimi Kang M.D.

I’ve got a cold.

And it’s ruining my sleep.

How come?

Well, my nose is completely blocked, which means I have to breathe through my mouth, which means at stupid O’clock in the morning I wake up with my lips stuck to my teeth and a mouth feeling like it’s full of cotton wool.

And then I’m awake…

… Asleep…

… Awake…

And so on all the way until it’s time to get up and face the day feeling rough as a badgers armpit.

It’s been like this for a week now.

And my get up and go has got up and gone.

Hey, can you hear that?

Yup, it’s the world’s smallest violin and it’s playing just for me and my pity party.

Anyway I still wanted to write.

So I guess the take away message in today’s Z+post is this:

Whilst there are times – like due to illness – when you can’t help but have disturbed sleep and all the baggage that goes with it. Don’t fall into the trap of treating sleep like a luxury.

Back in February 2015 during the Fantastic Sleep February project the group and I discovered the three keys for Fantastic Sleep:

  1. Schedule it – Treat your sleep with the respect it deserves
  2. Avoid long lie ins – They screw your body clock up
  3. One size doesn’t fit all – You might have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find what works for you

Now I took the material from the 28 day project and put it into a 52 page manual I call:

The Sleep SolutionA 28 day program to help you sleep like a baby and wake up feeling refreshed and good to go.

Inside it’s 52 pages you’ll discover 43 tips and techniques, all designed with one job in mind…

…To give you fantastic sleep.

Work through the material one day at a time and you can get started on what I consider to be the simplest way to give yourself a lifetime of better sleep and more energy.

To sum up…

If I could only recommend one thing for a person to improve if they wanted to live and age well if would be to master sleep.

And that’s exactly what The Sleep Solution will help you to do.

Unless of course you’ve got a cold like me that keeps waking you up with cotton wool mouth in the wee small hours of the day.

Otherwise you can start your fantastic sleep adventure right here.

Bye for now


P.S. It’s all Ollie’s fault.

I used to be the kind of person who only had to look at someone with a cold and I’d have one the next day.

Qigong took care of that.

And ZEN+ increased my resistance to coughs and colds even more.

But I seem to catch every cold Ollie gets.

Just as well he doesn’t get too many.

Anyway, there’s always NASA power naps to help take the sting out of having your sleep temporarily disrupted by illness.

As long as you know how to harness their power of course.

And on Day 16 of The Sleep Solution: Give Yourself The Astronauts Advantage – You’ll discover everything you ever wanted to know about naps, including the science behind them.

It’s just one of the tools you can use to gain all the benefits of fantastic sleep.

The Sleep Solution is not available on Amazon or eBay…

You can only get it here.

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