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Are you being a good parent?

By Marcus Santer

Boy did I struggle out of bed this morning!

And as I lay there trying to convince myself that another 30 minutes wouldn’t hurt I had an idea for today’s Z+D

Read this and then see if you can relate…

When I was a kid my mum made certain I got out of bed on time to go to school.

Didn’t matter:

I always got out of bed on time.

And it wasn’t just getting out of bed where I had clear rules and boundaries.

Let me explain…

Mum gave me the food I ate.

If I didn’t eat it I was given it again at the next meal.

So I ate what I was given when I was given it.

And ONCE a week I was given a foody treat or some sweets.

I never had to think about the food I ate.

And after school when I’d done my homework and went out to play with my friends, mum or dad would shout me when it was time to come home.

And if I broke the rules my dad would hand out the discipline.


Thing is, as a child I always had someone making sure I did the things I had to do. And because I had good parents they were things that were good for me or best for me.

It didn’t matter how I felt about:

Or any of that stuff.

I had to do it or there would be trouble.

Simple huh?

And I was thinking about all of the above as I wrestled to get out of bed this morning.

That’s when the big, juicy idea came, here it is:

I believe that:

Successful adults have the ability
to parent themselves effectively.

They don’t have to feel like:

And all that good stuff that makes living and ageing well more likely.

They know it’s good for them and the parent inside them makes sure they do what needs to be done when it’s time to do it.

No matter how much they whine, plead, beg or moan about it.

And that’s how I managed to get out of bed on time this morning.

By deciding I want to be a good parent to myself.

So my question to you is…

“Are you being a good parent to yourself?”

Or is there some room for improvement?

If you could use a hand working out what the best ground rules are to stack the odds of a longer, healthier and more active life firmly in your favour are…

You’ll find 120 suggestions in my book:

ZEN+ The Art and Science of Living Healthier for Longer

==> It’s available here <== Bye for now Marcus P.S. Sammy the cat is so helpful.

As I walked into my Woffice he’d already turned my computer on for me…

By sitting on the keyboard!

And Louis is here using his doggy mind power to let me know it’s time for his morning walk.

I tell ya…

Louis makes sure I never struggle to go for two 30 minute walks a day.

He’s a good parent =)

Anyway, if you want a hand putting the big idea of today’s Z+D into action, make sure you use the 30 Day’s of ZEN+ challenge in the back of my book (pages 165 to 181)

==> Get your copy here <==

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