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Are you a: ‘Now What?’ machine?

By Marcus Santer

I used to think nothing of dropping £50 on a t-shirt.

That’s for 1 single t-shirt not a dozen.

For a few days I’d treat it like the most precious object on the planet. But after a week or two I’d hang it up where I hang most of my clothes…

On the floor.

And then I’d get desperate for something else.

And the whole cycle would start all over again.

Want –> Get –> Brief satisfaction –> Now What?

I used to be the same with information.

Though to be brutally honest, I have to keep exercising conscious effort to stop getting sucked back into the information trap.

What trap?

The thinking that if I have THIS information I’ll finally be able to: <fill in the desirable blank>

Yet as once I’d got it, I’d be all over it like a rash for a few days, but it wouldn’t be long before it’d be sat on my hard-drive gathering cyber dust.

And I’d be thinking… Now What?

Does any of this sound familiar to you? Do you recognise this type of behaviour? Or maybe I’m unique in this:

Want –> Get –> Brief satisfaction –> Now What?

But I don’t think so, I believe we’re conditioned by mass media to constantly want and crave things we think are going to make us smarter, sexier, better – and so on.


I’ve worked hard to stop being a ‘Now What?’ machine and no longer buy buy £50 t-shirts.

Or collect information like a demented hamster stuffing it’s cheeks full of food.

I know a piece of clothing or an object isn’t going to transform my life and I know information on it’s own is useless.

When it comes to wanting objects or things, I do this:

You’d be amazed how powerfully effective walking away with the intention of coming back later is.

I estimate its saved me £1,000’s.

And when it comes to information, I find this works like a charm:

For example shortly after my 40th birthday when I looked in the mirror and hated what I saw.

I did my homework.

I found calisthenics fit perfectly with my philosophy of not needing any extra equipment to grow strong.

I found the best source of information I could find: Convict Conditioning <-- That's an affiliate link by the way. Then I shut off all other sources of callisthenics information and went to work. For 3 years I've practiced the material based on Convict Conditioning. Because I've found if I stick with a routine or new lifestyle habit I get results. 3 years on I'm stronger and in better shape than I was twenty years ago. But perhaps the most powerful tool for transformation I've discovered is the power of having a coach in my life. A real-time person who will hold me accountable, who will remind me to do the work, who will keep me on track and who will help me to follow through on my good intentions so I can reap the rewards of my effort. Now a coach can't do the work for you. But they can make sure you do. And if you feel you need any help or support with installing ZEN+ habits into your life... I can help.

Bye for now


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