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Are all Men’s Health magazine covers the same?

By Marcus Santer

I was in Sainsbury’s yesterday…

Looking at the magazines whilst Clarabella looked at the clothes.

And I couldn’t help but notice that the cover of Men’s Health seemed to have the same headline subjects on its cover as the last time I looked several months ago.

It was like the only difference was the jacked-up celeb on the front.

So when I got home I did some research [1].

Looking through the archives of back issues I found the same core subjects coming up time and time again:

Thinking about it, this should come as no surprise.

Men’s Health magazine is a business and like all smart businesses it uses marketing and research tools to make sure it’s giving it’s readers what they want.


It also makes me think that if they’re repeating the same information over and over again, then maybe the readers aren’t getting the message?

Or worse, maybe the advice they’re giving doesn’t work.

Moving on…

Just for fun, let’s see if I can provide you with a simple, hype free, tried and tested, backed by research ways to get all of the above and more…

How about this?

* Stomach: Lose fat by eating fewer calories than you do now to reveal the muscle you’ve already got.

* Muscles: Lift weights. Focus on the fundamental human movements, namely: Push, Pull, Squat, Hinge and loaded carries (Props to Dan John).

* Sex: If you want better sex start with these [2] –

* You want numbers? How about 67 Measurable benefits you can expect to gain from practicing a ZEN+ lifestyle? Or how about 120 time-tested tips to help you live better and age well?

* Get back in shape: Don’t smoke, drink in moderation, make sleep a priority, eat clean healthy food, walk more and build some strength.

In fact, by embracing the 7 health packed habits of the HAP you’ll get all the health benefits offered regularly on a Men’s Health magazine cover and so much more.

Hey, happy to be of service.

Get your copy of The Healthy Ageing Pyramid book here.

Bye for now



[1] Update: Men’s Health Stopped Writing New Cover Lines Years Ago
[2] For Women, sexuality changes with age but doesn’t disappear
[3] Physical activity and exercise for erectile dysfunction: systematic review and meta-analysis

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