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Analysis Paralysis

By Marcus Santer

The Saturday Quote:

“The shortest answer is doing.”
Lord Herbert (Poet)


“I hear and I forget,
I see and I remember,
I do and I understand.”

Thanks to Paul H and Steven S for providing today’s quotes for us.

Seems like Thursdays Z+ post struck a nerve.

Especially Tip #3: Knowing is easy, doing is hard.

I recently had to make a call to the Tax Man here in the UK. I was stewing over it and I spent days getting my facts together and trying to second guess what would happen and how I’d respond.

I got myself wound up nice and tight.

Until Clarabella said: “Stop thinking about it and just make the call.

She was right of course, I was stuck in analysis paralysis.

I made the call, what happened happened, and I felt an immense release after it was done.

Doing saved the day.

Now as you’d expect I get a lot of questions from folk walking the ZEN+ path.

And they mainly fall into two camps:

  1. Mental mastication – These questions are from people who haven’t started yet. They want to know all the where’s and whyfores before doing anything. These people rarely seem to succeed.
  2. Overcoming obstacles encountered – These questions are from people experiencing some kind of trial, tribulation or frustration as a result of doing something and not getting the expected result. These people are more likely to succeed.

No don’t get me twisted.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t get informed before starting.

What I’m saying is you shouldn’t over do it.

Like all things in life, there’s a balance between the two.

Thinking too much causes analysis paralysis.

But doing without appropriate thinking is ignorant and by ignorant I don’t mean bad or stupid. Ignorance means not knowing. And doing without knowing usually leads to you getting lost. Ask me how I know.

Here’s to doing =)

Bye for now


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