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An unusual cure for a heavy cold…

By Marcus Santer

Louis seemed a little down yesterday.

So I thought I’d treat him for a walk up on the Holdon Hills at the back of Dawlish.

He loves it up there.

Being a Labrador I’m guessing all that bracken and wildness stirs something deep inside him.

And yesterday was no exception.

Though I had to keep steering him away from the dirty puddles…

I swear that dog loves to get filthy.


After the walk I loaded him into the boot of the car and fired up the ignition.

And as I pulled away the radio was talking about John Boyd Dunlop and how he’d come to invent the tire.

Turns out it was inspired by his son.

A doctor had recommended that his son’s heavy cold could be cured by cycling.

And after watching him struggle to ride his tricycle John fitted it with tires made of canvas bonded with liquid rubber – to make the ride more comfortable.

John patented the idea and from that little acorn a huge industry grew.

Neat huh?

But what caught my attention was the idea of cycling as a cure for a bad cold.

Never heard that before.

However I can get behind the idea of being outside as a restorative.

Though my personal preference would be for walking.

I find walking lifts my spirits – There’s something about being out in nature that simply helps to right size problems and give a sense of connection to something bigger than little ole me.

Plus walking is great exercise.

If you can manage between two and five hours of it a week, here’s a list of benefits you can expect to get:

  1. Reduced risk of heart disease.
  2. Enhanced metabolic support – the chemical processes that take place to maintain life.
  3. Better weight control – you’ll burn more calories going for a gentle stroll than doing strenuous weight training.
  4. Increased energy – unlike other types of cardiovascular exercise, a good walk leaves you feeling refreshed and energised instead of exhausted and drained.
  5. Reduce blood sugar spikes – after eating a meal, your blood sugar spikes and this is normal. But if you stay seated, these spikes can last for hours. A 15 minute walk will cut blood sugar spikes in half.
  6. Independence in old age – mounting evidence suggests that walking may help to maintain physical and cognitive independence in old age by preventing a variety of health problems.
  7. Less physical decline – seniors who exercise regularly experience less physical decline as they age.
  8. Boosted endorphins – 10 minutes of walking will help your body to increase the flow of your body’s natural feel good chemical. This can help to reduce stress, ease tension, calm anger and get rid of confusion.
  9. Reduced risk of osteoporosis – walking builds bone mass.
  10. Improved balance and stronger legs.

Pretty impressive huh?

And walking is a powerful tool for enhancing creativity.

Seriously I’ve lost count of the number of great ideas that’ve come to me during Louis walks.

I’ve had so many of them I actually refer to Louis walks as: Million Dollar Dog Walks (MDDW) =)

For example:

Take this post as an example.

I’d written the first part about the source of John Dunlop’s tire invention.

But I couldn’t find a way to link it to ZEN+.

Then I took a break from writing and went on a MDDW with Louis and Taa-daa!

Here’s the post you’re reading now.

And you can bet I’ll be contemplating on many a Louis walk, how best to share the Qigong technique: Cosmic Shower with you in January.

In the meantime, if you like the idea of joining me – for the first online Cosmic Shower course – I recommend you brush up:

If you’ve already been through my QSHSC, I recommend you go back to Week 12. Review the lesson and if necessary brush up on your technique.

If you’re not already a member…

You won’t have time to get up to speed going through the QSHSC.

For you I’d recommend getting a copy of my PERFECT Qigong System and immersing yourself in the three core skills.

Right, I need to get Ollie’s splint on.

Bye for now


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