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An important lesson courtesy of Sig. Ferruccio Lamborghini

By Marcus Santer

Ollie and I went to collect his new leg splint from the mobility centre yesterday.

As we sat waiting to be seen we had this exchange:

Ollie: “Do you want to know a fact?”

Me: “Fact me!”

Ollie: “Lamborghini started out by making tractors after world war 2 using old military machinery.”

Me: “Wow! Really?”

Ollie: “Yeah.”

Me: “So I guess where you start only dictates where you start and not where you can go.”

Ollie: Rolls Eyes =)

And I think I’ll leave it there for today.

I’ve sent you some pretty large emails over the last few days and I think we both deserve a rest.

But if you’re hungry for more…

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