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An embarrassing habit I can’t seem to quit…

By Marcus Santer

I‘ll start with a quote:

“When you start basing your own self worth on your own ability to live up to your own standards, you start becoming centered and fulfilled from within.”
Lester Levenson

I read a lot.

I self experiment a lot.

I’m always seeking ways to become the best I can become.

And in the process I like to share what works with others to help them too.

But there’s a price to pay for this.

And recently I’ve started to feel it.

How can I put this?

I’m starting to feel a little like Frankenstein’s monster.

Cobbled together from other people’s beliefs and values.

Which in the arena’s of:

And so on isn’t a problem.

But where it is a problem is in the realm of mindset.

For me motivational and inspirational speakers are like an embarrassing habit I can’t seem to quit.

Sure, they can be useful to a point.

But their message is about them.

About their experience

About how they became “Successful”, happy, fulfilled, wealthy or whatever.

And that’s the problem.

I’m not them.

And neither are you.

Of course we’re all human and therefore we share very similar needs, desires and aspirations.

And so on.

But their message is one that worked for them and their situation.

And you know what?

I don’t want to learn and work hard so I can become them.

I want to me.

The very best version of me.

Not some pale – carbon copy – imitation of them.

More and more my practice of Qigong and meditation is compelling me to journey inwards and to discover what my standards are, how to be fully me, how to bring forth the best of me.

And I encourage you to do the same.

After decades of research, practice, self experimentation and dead ends I still believe Qigong and meditation are the ultimate – drug free – personal evolution tools available on this planet.

Go forth…

Travel deep into yourself…

And move through the world a more powerful force because you’ve awoken to the fact that you have the power.

Sure, learn from others…

But remember to be yourself.

That’s the lesson I need to remember and perhaps you do too?

And if you’d like a hand getting started with Qigong…

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Bye for now


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