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I asked a good friend to write this ‘About’ section for me, here’s what he had to say:

I see Marcus Santer as an educator. He is a rabid learner, researcher, and practitioner of anything found useful or interesting enough to grow from. And he refines, optimises, and breaks down that knowledge so that others can learn it more quickly and easily than he did.

Marcus has acquired many skills in his lifetime, and much knowledge to boot. But for a good many years he was solely spreading the art of qigong.

Rather than stagnate in his personal development, Marcus wanted to add to his Qigong mastery, and to be open to experiences and benefits found in all areas of life (especially when it comes to health and longevity.)

Marcus started the Zen+ Project to encompass ALL his knowledge and research on living a healthier, happier, longer life.

With Zen+, Marcus is on a continuous mission to unearth and understand anything that can help achieve that goal

In 2016, from the research carried out in Zen+ thus far, Marcus created The Healthy Ageing Pyramid or HAP, which is a simpler way to show where your efforts are best spent — in order of importance (and results gained) — to live the healthier and longer life that we all want.

Where Next?

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