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A visit to the graveyard

By Marcus Santer

I like graveyards.

They’re one of the few places you can be pretty sure you’re going to find plenty of my favourite sound…


They’re great places to contemplate and you can learn great truths.

I think I was 16 or 17 when I discovered the secret to immortality in a graveyard near Dawlish.

Which in case you’re wondering is:

“To live in the hearts of those we love is to never die.”

And last week I found myself in a graveyard in the heart of Hampstead (London) whilst visiting my longest friend.

As we walked his boisterous dog around I couldn’t help noticing how overgrown, how covered in weeds and bramble most of the graves were.

Many had long since crumbled through age.

And it got my thinking.

Thinking about all of the hopes, cares, worries and aspirations of those who were buried here.

And how none of it matters to them any more.

And from the obvious neglect of most of the graves the dead no longer matter to the living any more either.

And that got me thinking too.

About how in two or three generations time, nothing you or I do will matter.

Which gave me a such a great sense of freedom.

Because I don’t know about you, but sometimes I find myself feeling like I can’t really say what I think or how I feel, or do what I really want to do because somebody might not like it.

Do you ever feel like that?

Something like that?

And do you ever keep putting it off until later?

If so, I’d like to suggest today might be later enough.

As I write this, I’m reminded of 1 of the top 5 regrets of the dead an dying:

(You’ll find the other 4 on page 34 of my ZEN+ Book)


There’s a lot in that bullet.

And as I wrap this ZEN+ Daily up, I want to make it clear this post is an encouraging one.

I encourage you to:

And like it says on the keyring my mum gave to me many years ago:

Enjoy Life – This is not a rehearsal

To stack the odds of longer, healthier and happier life in your favour…

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Bye for now


P.S. This’ll put a smile on your face…

I walked into the bathroom last night whilst Ollie was brushing his teeth.

And he said to me:

“Dad, you smell like retarded onion rings.”

I’m not sure what that means…

But I’m guessing it’s not a compliment.

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