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By Marcus Santer

The Saturday Quote:

“Spend money where you spend your time.”
Jason Chen

You know how the web is.

One minute you’re looking for information on how to do the Turkish Get Up…

And the next you’re on Lifehacker reading about the comfort principle.

Tis one of the things I love most about the web.

When you follow a thread, you never know where you’re going to end up.


I liked the simple idea behind the post.

Spend any spare cash you have where you spend most of your time.

So for example…

I work from home and can spend up to 12 hours a day sat in front of this computer coming up with new and interesting ways to help you live a longer, healthier and happier life.

Therefore it would make perfect sense for me to invest in a decent chair.

Or upgrade the memory on my computer so it opens up applications a little faster.

And the principle is as simple as that.


But it got me thinking whilst I was taking a ‘I’ve been sitting on my arse too long break’.

Sure, it makes sense to invest in:

Or any other place you spend lots of your time.

But doesn’t it make even more sense to invest in your body?

I mean come on.

You spend 24 hours of…




In your body.

When you’re sleeping, working, resting or whatever you’re doing.

There’s your body.

And yet…

How much money do you spend on it?

Do you buy great quality food for it?

Do you take it out and exercise it in a way that makes it stronger and healthier?

Do you take it for a massage?

Seriously don’t you think it makes sense to splurge any spare cash you have on making your body a comfortable place to live?

If not, you might be in the wrong place.


It’s something for you to contemplate.

And if you’d like a resource dedicated to making your body the best place to live and spend your time in…

You need this.

Bye for now


P.S. Whilst were on the subject of money…

I can tell a lot about you by looking at where you spend your hard earned cash.

Because any spare cash goes on what you value.

Here’s a fun little exercise you might like to try if you’ve a spare 15 minutes.

Look through 3 months of bank statements and you’ll quickly discover what your spare cash gets spent on.

Do you like what you see?

I did this exercise recently and was humbled by how much cash I was spending on comics.

And I radically cut back.

Now I spend that cash on better quality food.


I’m outta here, need to get March’s ZEN+ Journal ready.

I’ve a load a video to edit and stick men to draw in order to make learning what I’m calling ‘5 A Day to Keep Pain Away‘ as easy as possible.

It’s a simple routine of 5 of the best exercises proven to help keep your body supple and pain free.

And best of all you can do it in less than 5 minutes.

So I need to get back to work.

You on the other hand should take a look at this.

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