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A simple way to have a great day…

By Marcus Santer


I was out having a lovely walk this morning with Louis…

… In spite of the rain.

As we broke through the Jungle Trek and onto the golf course I gently clasped my hands behind my back…

… Stood up tall…

…And if you’d have seen me, you might have recognised the tool I was using.

Emperor Walks Heart Opens, though I’m tempted to change its name to Open Heart to Heaven.


By the time Louis and I reached Secmaton Lane my mind was meandering gently from thought to thought.

And I began to reflect on how practicing PERFECT Qigong really does set you up to have a great day..

And as I contemplated I further I realised there’s a bit more to it than that.

How come?

Well, if you really want to set your day up right and MASSIVELY influence how the rest of your day will go…

… It all starts the night before with a great nights sleep.

And if you need a hand with that, I got just the thing for you: The Sleep Solution.

But hold your horses, because I’ve got some good news for you.

Let me explain…

… It’s my birthday on Wednesday and I will be 45.

So I thought a good way to celebrate is by knocking 45 percent off some of my best selling books and products.

Each day from Monday to Friday I’ll pick one and:

Then knock 45 percent off it’s original price.

And today I’m starting with The Sleep Solution

My 28-day program to help you sleep like a baby and wake up feeling refreshed and good to go.

It does exactly what it says.

Simply work through it one day at a time and you’ll discover what I said is true.

That the best way to set your day up right, is with a great nights sleep the day before!

Now then, you can get the full details on The Sleep Solution here.

And if you think it can help you make sure you purchase it through this link. To benefit from my special 45th birthday offer.

You’ll be taken directly to Paypal and you’ll be able to get The Sleep Solution 28-day program for £22 instead of £40.

If you’re interested make sure you grab this offer now, because it’s only good for 7 days.

Right, I need to get Ollie ready for school.

I’ll see you tomorrow with another 45th Birthday special for you.

Bye for now


P.S. It’s my 45th birthday on Wednesday…

And to celebrate I’m knocking 45 percent off a selection of my best selling books and products.

Each day I’ll present you with a new one.

Today it’s my 28-Day Sleep Solution program.

And you can get it here for £22 instead of it’s usual price of £40.

But hurry because this offer only lasts for 7 days.

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