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A great tool kit in a neat and portable package

By Marcus Santer

I was sat at my desk a few days ago, trawling steadily through my email when I found a lovely one about my book Smiling From The Heart (SFTH).

And I’ll share it with you in a minute.

But first I’d like to say that of the 5 books I’ve written so far SFTH is my favourite.

How come?

I started writing it after attending a Qigong Healing workshop in Malaysia back in 2008.

Although it would be 4 years before I finished it =)

Now I didn’t know it at the time, but I was at the start of a period of transition. The seeds were being sown that would result in me leaving the organisation I was teaching Qigong for at the time.

Looking back through SFTH’s pages now I can clearly see it was the prototype for the ZEN+ project.

Because it was the first time I wrote about anything other than Qigong.

And I can still remember how nervous that made me feel.

Anyway, it’s all water under the bridge now.

And everything worked out in the end =)

I’m very proud of the 29 tools in SFTH and I’m still delighted by how it all came together.

And here’s what Anne Mears, 74 from the UK wrote to me:

“…today I have been working through your book SFTH – up to Part 6 – watching the little video clips, trying out the external forms ( so that I could more fully understand the text) and thinking about the information and strategies suggested, in the light of my current practices and level of understanding.

I found nothing alien, but that is not surprising as I resonate with your emails. However I will need to read the instructions carefully with a beginner’s mind because the breathing is different from the way I have been taught to practise in class. But that is a good thing because it will promote mindfulness and bring in a freshness.

My first impressions are these –

You really have brought together a very usable ‘basket’ of ‘skilful means’, which as I adopt them, will be very helpful for my health and well-being.

What you have to say actually complements and in no way negates any practice I have at the moment. In fact I can see that following the PERFECT steps will really deepen and enrich my current Qigong practice considerably – and that was one of the things that I was looking for.

I now have a great tool kit, all in a neat and portable package. ( I have been around too long and read too widely for the non-qigong tools to be completely new to me, but there are quite a few interesting twists and it is good to find them all in one place.)

I find the photographs, backed up by the video clips a really good way of learning Qigong – very clear and easy to follow.

Thank you for all you share.”

– Anne Mears 74 from UK

Thank you Anne, glad you like it =)

If you haven’t read Smiling From The Heart yet, it will make a great addition to your collection.

It’s available for immediate download here.

Bye for now


P.S. I’m meeting with the editor of Smiling From The Heart later today.

For a coffee and a chat.

Only trouble is the meeting point is a 2 hour drive away. So I best get my skates on.

You on the other hand should go here.

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