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9 Things I’d teach everyone in this country

By Marcus Santer

You know, I sometimes wonder how I’d provide for my family if for some reason the supermarkets all closed down and we had to find and make food for ourselves again.

Maybe it’s just a guy thing?

Or maybe it’s just a me thing?

I don’t know.

But I’ve always been interested in survival ever since I was a kid and bought my first copy of ‘Lofty’ Wiseman’s: The SAS Survival Handbook.

And since then I’ve read a lot of books on survival.

And spoken with a lot of people who know how to hunt and live off the land.

And in my spare time I like to watch survival experts like:

Being a few of my favourites.

A while back now I read an article with Bear and in it he said:

“If I had to write the education curriculum for every kid in this country, it wouldn’t be Latin and maths. It would be:

  1. How to light a fire
  2. Tie a knot
  3. Use a penknife
  4. Build a raft
  5. Get on with people
  6. Eat healthy
  7. Keep fit
  8. Be part of a team
  9. Learn effective leadership

And that’s it… It’s a shame that, as a society, so many have lost these skills.”

Guess that’s the price of progress.

But this morning whilst trawling through my notebooks looking for something to write, I saw this list and asked myself the same question. Just for fun, what would I put in the education curriculum for this country?

I’d go for how to:

  1. Effectively turn off your fight or flight response and switch on your rest, repair and build mode
  2. Get a great nights sleep
  3. Build strength
  4. Move more and sit less
  5. Eat right
  6. Use your mind correctly
  7. Focus on gratitude
  8. Build nurturing relationships with others
  9. How to learn effectively

And guess what?

That’s right, it’s all material you’ll find in the ‘coming soon’ ZEN+ Home Study Course.

But the best place to get started is with the ZEN+ book.

Available for immediate download —> Here <--- Bye for now Marcus P.S. Disastrous day on the Z+HSC yesterday.

I discovered 47 videos I’d planned to use had been exported in the wrong format and were useless.

So I had to go back and reformat them all and upload them again.

And yes, that took a whole 12 hours.

Oh well, let’s hope I have a more productive day today =)

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