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9 insights into the future…

At coffee O’clock yesterday I heard a great conversation on the radio.

It was so good I went back later and listened to the full show.

And what was it?

BBC Radio 4’s: Start the Week program.

And this week it was a discussion between the host: Andrew Marr and his guests:

All about Future Economies.

If you have a spare 45 minutes you should listen to it.

If not…

Here’s the notes I took:

1. They’re developing a supercomputer that mimics how the brain thinks in real time. The kind of thing which will lead to driverless cars, change our lives and destroy many jobs.

2. Crucial industries for the future will be:

All of which will have an enormous impact on the future of health, work and labour.

3. It’s predicted that low level white collar work will be completely replaced over the next decade by AI

4. It’s going to be harder to be working class.

5. Agriculture and Big Data are combining forces to create more food from the same area of land which is going to be invaluable as the worlds population continues to increase.

6. In Japan, Honda and Toyota have already developed elder care robots which will benefit an increasingly longer lived society.

7. For the last 200 years most people defined themselves by their work. If the forecasts about the impact of AI and info tech on work are correct the amount of work needed in society will reduce and that’s going to cause trouble.

8. Information wants to be free

9. Mass migration is probably here to stay. We live in a 196 country chess board and the ability to move your pieces around on it is getting easier.


So the future is coming.

And it’s not all going to be sunshine and rainbows.

Seems to me the best way to face whatever the future really has in store is the same way it’s always been.

To be:

Strong, fit and healthy.

So you can rise to the challenges.

Whatever they may be.

And if could use some help getting into shape so you can shape your own future…

You need this.

Bye for now


P.S. The future is coming.

Are you prepared to meet it?

Use this to get into the best shape of your life.

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