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8 Tips To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse – Some fun for Halloween

By Marcus Santer

The Saturday Quote:

“The first rule of Zombieland: Cardio.
When the zombie outbreak first hit,
the first to go, for obvious reasons…
were the fatties.”
Columbus in the film Zombie Land [2009]

With it being Halloween today I thought we’d have some fun.

So here I give you 8 tips for surviving the Zombie Apocalypse…

In no particular order:

1. Always remember the golden rule: Go for the head.
I tell ya, how many times have you seen amateurs in the films go for the body? It’s like they’ve never seen a Zombie movie!

2. Keep Moving – Makes you harder to eat.

3. Stay Fit – See the quote above.
Most Zombies move at a slow walk, so you’ll need to be fit to keep in front of them. Unless your dealing with World War Z zombies… And then you’re really in trouble.

4. Eat Real – An extension of staying fit.
Though once the canned food runs out you’re probably not going to have much choice. Because nobody will be making processed food any more anyway =)

5. Be in a Group – There’s safety in numbers Yo!
Your chances of survival will increase significantly and loneliness won’t eat you up… Leave that for the Zombies.

6. Get Fantastic Sleep – With Zombies roaming the land sleep will be in short supply. Grab it when you can if you want to keep your wits about you.

7. Be Quiet – Zombies are attracted to noise.
So find a clearing on top of a hill and practice your meditation skills =)

8. Don’t Get Bitten – Those Zombies carry some serious germ power and no matter how strong or harmonious your energy flow may be, you’re never gonna get rid of that blockage.

Armed with these 8 tips you’ll be top of the list when it comes to surviving the Zombie Apocalypse.

But in the meantime…

If you want to stack the odds of a longer, healthier and more independent life heavily in your favour…

You’ll need this.

Happy Halloween!

The Zen Beast =)

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