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8 Energy Zappers and how to fix them

By Marcus Santer

Here are my top 8 Energy Zappers with ideas on how to overcome them.

In reverse order:

8) Technology – Your brain hasn’t evolved to be on and stimulated all the time. But thanks to today’s gadgets it’s possible to be jacked into the Matrix and be available 24/7/365. This can easily lead to information overload, overwhelm, tired but wired and never feeling like you have any down time.

Solution – If you’re the kind of person who can’t even go to the toilet without taking your phone to check email, instagram or whatever your poison is. Disconnecting from the Matrix ain’t gonna be easy. Start by getting a small win, like not taking your phone with you next time you go to the toilet, brush your teeth or wait for the kettle to boil. And build up to having Tech-Free time after say 9pm every day.

7) Energy Vampires – You know the kind of people I mean. When you leave them, you feel completely drained of energy, yet all you did was spend time with them, it’s not like you went for a 10 mile run or anything.

Solution – Best case is to cut them out of your life completely. But I get that might not be possible if they’re family or business associates. So when you next meet them, imagine you’re protected from them by a shield, they simply cannot get to you. They fall off you like water from a ducks back.


If you practice Qigong, tell yourself your Qi is flowing so strongly that their negative Qi simply bounces off you. No need to sweat blood on this, a simple thought is all it takes. Then escape as quickly as you can.

6) Dehydration – You’ve probably heard how it’s easy to confuse hunger for thirst. Well, it’s also possible to confuse tiredness with thirst too.

Solution – Now there’s a lot of who-har around how much water you should drink. Ask most folk and they’ll rattle off something like this: “6 to 8 glasses a day.” But ask them what their source is and they can’t tell you. I haven’t been able to find any solid research that says you need to drink so much fluid each day. You get accessible fluid from your tea, coffee and food. Anyway, if you’re feeling an energy slump reach for a cool, tall glass of water.

5) Sugar Rush – Sugar is a fuel and gives you energy. But it’s a dirty fuel. It gives you a quick spike and then because for every action there’s an equal and opposite re-action you’re going to get a slump that can leave you feel zapped out.

Solution – If you’re feeling like a snack eat some nuts or fruit instead. They’ll give you a smoother energy boost. Just don’t over do it!

4) Heavy Lunches – I recently went to my sons favourite cafe. Caught up in the atmosphere I ordered a jumbo-all-day-breakfast. By the time I got home afterwards I was done for. I couldn’t face doing anything and spent the rest of the day feeling out of sorts and unproductive.

Solution – Research shows that high-carbohydrate, high-fat, high-sugar foods trigger a neural response as soon as they hit your small intestine. Telling your body to slow down and focus on digestion instead of seeking out more food.

So, next time you’re eating lunch, give some thought to what you’ve got to do for the rest of the day. If staying alert and productive is a priority, keep it light and stay away from the stodge.

3) Sitting too Much – Sitting on your butt for long periods of time will make you tired. How come? Well, as soon as you sit:

Everything slows down or switches off!

Electrical activity, calorie burning, good cholesterol, helpful enzymes all stop functioning at their prime and as a result, not only do you feel tired after prolonged sitting, but studies show those who spend most of the day sitting down (because of their job for example) increase their risk heart disease, diabetes, cancer and early death.

Even if you do half an hour of exercise every day.

Solution – Move more. If prolonged sitting is part of your work or life, make sure you stand up and move at least once every hour. Preferably every 30 minutes. My personal favourite is simply to stand up and sit down 10 times. Get creative. Just move =)

2) Stress – It was tempting to make this the top of my energy zappers list. It’s close. Because when your fight or flight response is triggered a cocktail of chemicals and hormones get dumped into your bloodstream. And when the situation passes the stress response switches off and you’re left feeling exhausted.

In an ideal world that is.

Trouble is, for many people living modern lives, the stress response never gets switched off. And whilst your body has evolved to handle short-term (acute) – stress very well. It’s long-term (chronic) stress that’s going to do more to you than just zap your energy.

Solution – Exercise and practicing Qigong to deliberately turn off your overstimulated stress response and switch on your underutilised rest, repair and build mode.

1) Lack of Sleep – This is the 800lb gorilla in the room when it comes to feeling zapped of energy. A lack of sleep doesn’t just leave you feeling tired it’s also linked to:

Sleep deprivation has a negative impact on health and wellbeing and many long term health consequences have been linked to shift work including:

Not getting enough sleep is a serious error with serious consequences.

Solution – Make a sleep pledge and stick to it. Full details in my 30 Day Sleep Solution available –> Here <-- Conclusion

If you want to have more energy, pep and zest throughout your day, make sure you pay attention to my top 8 Energy Zappers.

Here’s wishing you a zestful, energy filled day.

Bye for now


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