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67 Measurable Benefits of a ZEN+ Lifestyle

By Marcus Santer

A few years ago I made this graphic for Qigong.

It was a humorous take on the benefits of practicing Qigong.

I stumbled across it yesterday and I still think it’s brilliant. And it got me thinking about the benefits of practicing a ZEN+ lifestyle.

And late last night I started to make a list of what you can realistically expect to gain from ZEN+. Not because I say so, but because it’s all based on tried and tested teachings.

Here goes:

  1. Stabilise Blood Pressure
  2. Decrease Stroke and Mortality Rates
  3. Improve Cancer & Drug treatment
  4. Improve the symptoms of senility
  5. Improve memory, insomnia, vertigo, headaches and cholesterol
  6. Relieve Stress and increase relaxation almost like a mild tranquiliser (which it isn’t).
  7. Reduce pain, anxiety, blood pressure, cholesterol, substance abuse, and the levels of stress hormones in the blood.
  8. Create a 12.5% lower risk of stroke or coronary mortality in adulthood.
  9. Relieve rheumatoid arthritis symptoms, reduce cardiovascular risk factors, decrease psychological distress and improve sleep patterns.
  10. Relieve tension, create the will power and consciousness to be in control of ones life and alleviate depression, loneliness, hopelessness and despair.
  11. Overcome information overload
  12. Boost your performance at work, at rest and at play
  13. Recharge you
  14. Improve virtually all of your physiological functions
  15. Help with memory and attention
  16. Increase your ability for complex thought
  17. Enhance your ability to control your emotions
  18. Improve regulation of your appetite and bodyweight.
  19. Flush toxins of your cells.
  20. Turns off you overs stimulated Fight or Flight mode and switches on your under utilised Rest, Repair and Build mode.
  21. Reduce the risk of mortality by 19%
  22. Activate the release of proteins that can help protect exist brain cells
  23. Age well
  24. Reduce risk factors associated with cancer, obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
  25. Improve stress management
  26. Reduce stroke risk by 20%
  27. Strong protection against non-insulin-dependent diabetes
  28. Improve how well your heart and lungs get oxygen into your body.
  29. Improve insulin sensitivity
  30. Increase upper and lower body strength.
  31. Boost your mood
  32. Enhance metabolic support – The chemical processes that take place to maintain your life
  33. Better weight control
  34. Increased energy
  35. Reduce blood sugar spikes
  36. Increase independence in old age.
  37. Less physical decline
  38. Boost endorphins 
  39. Reduce risk of osteoporosis
  40. Improve balance
  41. Make everything you do physically easier
  42. Reduce your risk of slips and falls
  43. Healthier bones
  44. Decrease body fat and weight
  45. Help your body burn fat for energy
  46. Decrease blood glucose levels
  47. Decrease insulin levels 
  48. Increase insulin sensitivity
  49. Increase growth hormone levels
  50. Improve cellular cleansing
  51. Enhance brain health
  52. Restore healthy digestion
  53. Reduce risk for stroke and other cardiovascular disease
  54. Reduce risk of Type 2 diabetes
  55. Protect against certain cancers: mouth, stomach, colon/rectum 
  56. Protect against bone loss
  57. Reduce likelihood of kidney stones
  58. Maintain steady blood sugar levels = steady energy levels
  59. Prevent obesity
  60. Increase your productivity 
  61. Help you to Age Well
  62. Decrease negative stress
  63. Stronger immune system
  64. Increased sense of wellbeing 
  65. Better coping skills in difficult situations
  66. Mental clarity
  67. Bounce back from adversity faster

Blimey, I think you’ll agree that’s quite a list of worthwhile health benefits.

Imagine if you could bottle all of that and stick a label on it.

You’d have a multi-bizillion product on your hands.

But you can’t.

You can however get all of these benefits by practicing a ZEN+ lifestyle.

Best place to get started?

The ZEN+ book.

If you’ve already got it and you’re ready to get serious I suggest you become a ZEN+ Journal reader. Full details here.

Bye for now


P.S. You’ll notice there are a few repetitions in the list above, that’s because for quickness I extracted the information from the Zest, Exercise and Nutrition components of ZEN+ and there is some overlap.

Wouldn’t you agree, looking at the list of benefits above, it’s hard to understand why anyone wouldn’t be keen to practice ZEN+?

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