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6 Gold nuggets to help you on your journey to mastery

By Marcus Santer

Here are some more gold nuggets of wisdom from my experience of supplementing Clarabella’s driving lessons:

Make mistakes – Clarabella’s a recovering perfectionist. One of those unfortunate souls who feels it’s the end of the world when they cock up. If you’re familiar with this you’ll know this type of behaviour is a real barrier to learning.

How come?

Because the experience shifts from one of learning to one of frustration. And all that happens if you cock up again and again. Now I don’t know about you, but I find I can learn some really good stuff from my mistakes.

Here’s an example: Clarabella stalled the car whilst pulling away. No biggie. She tried again and stalled again. She tried again and stalled again. But by now she was getting very angry with herself.

So we took a short break.

I could see how frustrated she was, because she’d been pulling away just fine up until that point.

I forced her to take some deep breaths and try again…

We stalled again.

She told me to take her home. And I asked her to try one more time. But this time I told her not to think about what she was doing with her feet – the old clutch and accelerator balancing act – and instead focus on getting the handbrake off as quickly as possible.


We pulled away like a stabbed rat =)

Again and again and again.

You see, when you’re learning new stuff, you can overthink it and that becomes a barrier to learning <-- Bonus nugget of wisdom for you =)

My experience of learning new stuff usually looks something like this:

  1. First I suck at it
  2. Then I start to just be bad at it
  3. Eventually I become passable at it
  4. If I dig deep and keep working at it I become pretty good at it

And sometimes, just sometimes I hit mastery.

Look, over a long enough period of time you should get better at what your doing. But on the way to the top of the mountain…

You’re gonna make mistakes.

And remember the only time you fail is when you give up.

Though giving up is okay if you realise you’ve propped your ladder up against the wrong tree.

Next nugget:

Right goals – Here’s the scoop…

When I’m setting goals I use two types:

  1. Outcome based: What’s the specific end goal I want to reach? E.g. “Lose 4 inches from around my waist”, “Complete the Century within 90 days”, “Pass my driving test” and so on.
  2. Process based: Getting from where you are to where you want to be is a process. And when it comes to learning new skills, process based goals are really helpful. So for Clarabella it’s things like: Pull away 20 times, stop the car 20 times, Change gear 20 times and so on.

Each supplementary lesson I give Clarabella will be based on breaking down what she’s doing in her professional lessons and getting her to practice key parts.







Because as unsexy as it is… Repetition deepens the impression.

So, whatever skill you want to master or goal you want to achieve take a leaf out of Clarabellas Learning to Drive experience and be sure to:

  1. Have an inspiring reason for Why you’re doing what you’re doing
  2. Immerse yourself as much as possible in your Practice
  3. Make lots of Mistakes and learn from them
  4. Avoid Overthinking it when you get stuck
  5. Use the right kind of Goals to keep you moving forwards
  6. Practice, practice, practice.

Then prepare to be amazed at the progress you make.

And should any of your desired skills or goals involve living a happier, healthier and stronger life… I think you’ll find my ZEN+ book of great value.

Bye for now


P.S. In case you were wondering what I get out of helping Clarabella with her driving lessons…

I get to practice my patience skills – Not something I’m famed for.

But something I definitely want to get better at.

Because as the saying goes…

“Patience is a virtue and I want it now!”


Right, I’m off for Louis walk, you on the other hand should ==> check this out <==

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