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4 Reasons Why I’m Offering E-mail Coaching

By Marcus Santer

The Saturday Quote:

“In a world where you can be anything, be yourself.”
Etta Turner

I’ve had a few folk write and ask me about my email coaching service.

They’re along the lines of:

Isn’t coaching usually done over the phone
or by Skype?

The answer is Yes and No.

Here are 4 reasons why I’m offering email coaching – even though I prefer to call it a ‘Done With You Program’ – instead of ordinary Skype/phone coaching:

1) Contemplation – As a writer I prefer to research, to contemplate and to take my time before sharing my thoughts and giving advice. Which is why writing is how I can best answer your questions, assist you in overcoming your struggles and help you to implement ZEN+ habits into your life.

Of course, you and I can Skype and I will record videos if it makes our lives easier. For example it’s much quicker for me to show you the ZEN+ Push Up Chain than it is to write about it.

2) Clarity – I’ve found writing forces me to be more clear and concise. And writing to me with your questions will force you to do the same. There’s another more unusual benefit I’ve found to writing questions down and it’s this: When your question is clear it’s much easier to answer.

Gaining clarity with my own questions has often resulted in me getting my own answers.

sTrange but true.

3) Convenience – My email Done With You Program or Coaching if you prefer, is far more convenient for us both than if we speak over the phone or via Skype.


Because it means we don’t have to schedule a chunk of time to both be in the same place at the same time.

I’m a busy ZEN Beast and you’re a busy ZEN Beast.

Not to mention there’s a very good chance we live in different time zones.

Email means I can work on answering your question, giving you great advice or share encouragement and support when I want to.

4) Cost – The first 3 reasons I’m offering email coaching lead to this one, the 4th.

Because it’s my preferred method, because you’ll be forced to focus and because it’s more convenient for me I am able to charge you less for this service.

Curious to find out more?

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Bye for now


P.S. I’m here to help you implement ZEN+ habits into your life.

Here’s how.

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