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4 Folk that will destroy your negative views on ageing

By Marcus Santer

Last night whilst I was playing Minecraft with Ollie, Clarabella came into the room and passed me her phone saying:

“Here you go, here’s tomorrows ZEN+ post for you.”

And she was right.

She’d heard a report on good ole BBC Radio 4 about a 100 year old woman who set a swimming record and had looked it up on the Internet.

I forwarded the link to myself and went back to building my farm on Minecraft.

This morning, up bright and breezy and armed with a cup of green tea I fired up my computing machine and started doing a bit of digging.

As is so often the case, I don’t know what I’m going to write until I write it.

And within a few minutes of research I knew there was more to this story. As I looked around I found quite a few folk that clearly destroy many of the myths about what it means to be old.

Let me share 4 of them with you:

1) Mieko Nagaoka from Japan became the first 100 year old to complete a 1500m (100m’s short of a mile) freestyle swim in 1 hr 15 minutes doing back stroke all the way. She started swimming when she was 82 as therapy for her knees.

2) Dr Charles Eugster is a retired dentist. Aged 95 he broke the world record for a 200m indoor run. You can see his record breaking run here:

He took up exercise when he was 85 and joined a body building club when he was 87.

According to Charles the key to ageing well is:

In that order.

He also believes that retirement is a health disaster.

3) Olga Kotelko from Canada at 95 she has 30 world records and 750 gold medals to her name. But then unlike the previous two folk I mentioned she has been competing fro 70 years.

She believes “age is just a number” and that you age well by staying active and aspiring to be better.

Then of course there’s my favourite centenarian athlete:

4) Fauja Singh the marathon runner who ran the Toronto Waterfront Marathon in 2011 and became the first 100 year old to complete a 26 mile (42 Km) marathon.

Fauja took up running seriously when he was 89.

He attributes his health and vitality to:

Seems to me, these 4 folk demonstrate that the golden keys to living and ageing well are to:

  1. Stay active
  2. Stay curious
  3. Eat right
  4. Value sleep

Hmm, does any of that sound familiar to you?

Sounds like a ZEN+ Lifestyle to me.

Though personally I recommend you don’t wait until you’re in your 80’s to get started.

And who knows maybe you’ll be setting and breaking some serious records.

Or simply avoiding most of the negatives associated with getting older.

Right, I’ve got to get back to work, this ZEN+ Home Study Course isn’t going to build itself.

Bye for now


P.S. If you want to know more about living a ZEN+ lifestyle it’s all laid out for you —> Here <--- And when it comes to your beliefs about ageing make sure you do the important exercise on page 40 it might just change your view on what it means to get older.

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