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3 Important facts about failure

By Marcus Santer


Just sometimes, I forget why I do what I do.

I get so focused on the writing I forget why I write to you each day.

And then I get an email like the one I read yesterday and it all comes back to me, clear as crystal.

The email was in reply to my experience of failing The Century. I wont share the details of the email because it’s private. But enough to say this ZEN Beast is experiencing challenges around achieving a particular qualification she wants.

And she wrote to thank me for reminding her she’s not alone in her challenge.

So today I’d like to share my perspective on failure and see if I can help you to change how you view it. Especially if you’re struggling to achieve a particular qualification, grade or standard of some sort.

Truth is, I didn’t experience failure of any importance until I was in my early 20’s.

Up until then I’d always got what I went for:

And then I took my motorcycle test.

Long story short, it was the first time I failed to pass something I really wanted to pass.

I simply wasn’t experienced in how to handle failure.

And it really hurt.

Shortly after my first true love dumped me, saying she didn’t think I was ever going to amount to much and she needed more security in her life.


I can laugh about it now, but I wasn’t at the time.

It felt like I had the Faeces Touch. Which is a bit like the Midas Touch, except everything I touched seemed to turn to crap.

But, me being me I eventually got over myself, quit the drama and went into research mode.

Here’s what I found:

1) Failing don’t make you a failure – The only way you can truly fail is if you quit. And it’s okay to change your mind and decide you no longer want something. That’s not quitting, that’s changing your mind. But if you give up on something you know you still want – that’s failure.

2) It’s not failure if you learn from it – Clarabella’s a great example of this. Before she set out a few years back now to change careers, she had some pretty set in concrete views about what she could and couldn’t do. ‘Failing’ in interviews taught her she was much stronger, smarter, resilient and proactive than she’d ever thought.

3) You’re not alone – Here’s a very short list of famous failures (there are many more):

Look, I know how much it hurts when you don’t pass.

To deny that would be a lie.

And I don’t think anybody likes failure.

But hopefully today’s ZEN+ Daily has helped you to re-frame failure differently, to see it in a different way.

So don’t give up on anything you really want.

Learn from your set backs and come back stronger.

In fact, I think most successful people are simply those who can put up with more ‘failure’ than the average bear Boo-Boo. Because I’ve studied a lot of successful people, read their biographies, and they all had plenty of failures on the road to their success.

Most had something else that helped them too.

They had a mentor.

And if you’re currently struggling with any aspect of ZEN+

I can help.

Simply click here to find out how.

Bye for now


P.S. If there’s enough interest I’m going to be running Fantastic Sleep February.

Starting on Saturday (Feb 1st 2015).

I’ll give you more details tomorrow.

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