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3 discoveries I made yesterday you can benefit from…

By Marcus Santer

Here are 3 discoveries I made yesterday.

I think you’ll relate to a few of them:

1) You’re 1/10th of the way through 2016

Today you will cross the line that places you 10 percent of the way through this year.

How’s it going for you?

Have you been working a plan?

Did you answer The Fascinating Question that can make you a world class expert?

Or are you just plodding along, doing what you always do hoping things will somehow change for the better?

Well, if you’re in need of a plan to re-kickstart your 2016, try this post from 2015.

2) Putting things off, just wastes precious time you don’t have

Have you ever put off doing something because you were scared of the outcome?

I’m sure you’re not that kinda person.

But I am.

I’ve been putting off shaping the handles on the knife I’m building for the Knife Making book I’m co-authoring.


Because if I mess it up – and there’s a good chance I will because I’ve never done it before – then I have to start all over again.

Lots of time and effort down the drain.

So I’ve been putting it off and putting it off.

Yesterday I finally bit the bullet and got to work.

And you know what?

The results exceeded my expectations…

I couldn’t be happier.

And you can see a quick and dirty photograph below:


Truth is, sometimes, things work out better than you expect – and putting them off simply wastes your precious finite time.

​So if there is something you’ve been putting off…

When would now be a good time to start?

3) Social connection

Tis a funny thing.

There’s a huge difference between loneliness and isolation.

I like my own company.

And I tend to subscribe to the philosophy that: ‘Hell is other people’.

I dislike big cities and going to places where there are a lot of people.

But I still need social connection.

And taking a few days off from writing the ZEN+ Daily (Z+D) has helped me to discover writing to you satisfies a huge part of the amount of social contact I need.

Never realised that.

I always thought it was simply an opportunity for me to:

And pitch one of my quality – life enhancing – products to you.

Which it is, but now I know it’s so much more than that.

I just wish it was easier to write something of value for you every day =)


Here’s wishing you a wonderful day full of your own discoveries.

Bye for now


P.S. Shoot!

I nearly forgot…

A Z+D wouldn’t be a Z+D without giving you the opportunity to enrich your life with one of my quality products…

So how about this:

If you think you might benefit from:

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