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11 Essential coping skills

By Marcus Santer

I need to be super quick today…

I’m flying to Norway tomorrow and I’ve got to make sure I’ve got everything I need.

My bag’s packed, but I’ve still got things like travel insurance, workshop materials and accommodation to book.

You see after the PERFECT Qigong workshops I’m heading south to Rena to visit a very talented custom knife maker: Glenn Hovin.

Then I’m off to Oslo for my flight home.

So still lots of t’s to cross and i’s to dot.

Fortunately my friend Brent Bandhauer has let me off the hook of coming up with something to write for you. Brent’s a 6th Grade Counsellor and he sent me a link to a video he made: Coping Skills for Middle School.

The video’s main audience is 11 year olds, but it’s got some great coping tips of value for folk of all ages.


  1. Exercise – You know how good for you it is
  2. Hanging out with friends – Social connection is vital
  3. Playing with pets – They give so much and ask for so little
  4. Artwork and creativity – Tap into your unconscious and take your mind off the present
  5. Yoga – Work your body and ease your mind
  6. Tai Chi – See above, but remember Qigong is probably better =)
  7. Laughing – Never underestimate its healing power
  8. Listen to music – Let it soothe and comfort you
  9. Make music – If you can =)
  10. Be Here Now – whatever is happening Now, you can handle it. You
  11. always have and you always will do. It’s only the past and the future that can take you out of the game… If you let them.

  12. Deep slow breathing – Stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system or in other words helps you to deliberately access your rest, repair and build mode.

Hey, I even get a mention, thanks Brent =)

Anyway, it’s a fun video with plenty of useful tips and it’s presented in a light hearted and easily accessible manner.

So if you, or someone you know, could benefit from brushing up on coping skills…

Watch this:

Right, where’s my passport =)

Bye for now


P.S. There’s still time to join me in Norway.

And if you can’t…

This is the next best thing.

Plus it’s essential prep work for the Cosmic Shower course coming in January.

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