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10 tips to help you thrive during the festive season

By Marcus Santer

I took the car in for it’s service yesterday.

And the folks in reception had a great time with my name.

For example:

Garage guy: “Hey Burt, ask this guy what his surname is…”
Burt: “What’s your name?”
Me: “Santer”
Burt: “Straight up?”
Burt: “Hey Ruth, ask this guy what his name is…”
Ruth: “What’s your name?”
Me: “Santer”
Ruth: “Ha, ha, you need to work on your beard mate.”
Ruth: “Hey Mike, ask this guy what his name is…”

You get the idea I’m sure.

Enough to say it’s that time of year where having Santer as a surname makes conversation really easy.

And whilst I waited for the car to be serviced I went into Exeter to raid the book shops and to be treated like shite whilst buying overpriced coffee.

If I needed any confirmation that the festive season is cranking up, Exeter supplied it in bundles.

It was so busy.

All of which means it’s time for me to share my 10 tips to help you breeze through the coming festive season with style, grace and aplomb.

Here goes:

01. Keep up your Qigong practice – But don’t let it become a source of stress. If you miss a session or two – forget about it. Remember you practice Qigong to enhance your life not control or restrict it.

02. Smile from your heart – Tis the season to practice this skill and become a real SFTH Master. When you do it, imagine every single cell of your body is exploding with energy and it’s like a force field that bursts out from your body, energising and benefiting you and those close to you.

03. Relax – Relax regularly and often. Even a couple of minutes of deep, mindful breathing will help. And if/when you find yourself in a fight to the death whilst shopping or making your way home through traffic… Breathe deeply. Breathe in so deeply that the waistband on your pants nearly rips because your belly is so expanded! Hold and then breathe out so fully your pants nearly fall on the floor because your belly is so contracted. Repeat.

04. Sleep – Turns out my mum was right about this. Burning the candle at both ends and not getting enough sleep is a sure fire way to set yourself up to crash and burn. Make sure you utilise NASA power naps and give your sleep the respect it deserves.

05. Exercise – Take walks, do your callisthenics and stay strong. When you feel strong you’re much better able to take the world in your stride.

06. Food and Drink – Hey, moderation in everything right? Practice the 80% rule and you’ll be fine.

07. Stay warm – When you’re out and about keep warm if it’s cold where you live this time of year. Oh, and ladies, at the risk of sounding like your dad… I don’t care how great you look in that outfit, wrap up warm.

08. Social – We all differ in the amount of social contact we need and can stomach. And if you get invited to a shin dig you simply don’t want to go to, I dare you to say no. In fact… I Double Dare you.

09. Routines – Don’t let your healthy routines slide too much. Schedule and plan your time to avoid disruptions.

10. Be Nice – If the craziness of the holiday season starts to chew you up, look around you and remember those around you probably feel the same way too. Relax, let compassion flow through you and Smile From Your Heart.

Okay, so that’s 10 tips to help you thrive over the next few weeks.

And if you’d like 120 tips to help you thrive for the rest of your life…

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Bye for now


P.S. Balance.

That’s what this time of year is about.

Trying to maintain it.

Maintaining the balance between partying on down and looking after yourself.

Use my 10 tips to help you stay on track this festive season.

And if you want 120 tried and tested tips to help you stay on track for the rest of your life…

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