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Discover The 4 KeysTo Living and Ageing Well

More Energy, More Strength, More Vitality and More Zest For Life

Here’s what you can expect to discover in the 196 pages of the ZEN+ book:

  1. Qigong Theory in a Nutshell
  2. Three Types of Exercise You’ve Evolved To Thrive On
  3. Eat Less: Hara hachi bu
  4. Inspiration… It’s a bit like brushing your teeth
  5. Your mum was right about sleep…
  6. Welcome to the greatest piece of fitness equipment on the planet…
  7. The Three Universal Laws of Healthy Nutrition
  8. The cure to procrastination
  9. Are you stressed?
  10. It isn’t what you do once in a while, it’s what you do all the time.
  11. Why one size don’t fit all
  12. Your life is the result of what you do, not what you know
  13. Reduced stress in just 8 seconds – Yes really
  14. The best exercise?
  15. An epiphany in the Supermarket
  16. How to Catch a monkey
  17. Why Qigong is such a powerful tool
  18. The Importance of Rest
  19. Read the label
  20. The Hindsight Fallacy
  21. The mechanics of sleep
  22. Why Strength?
  23. The real reason why some people get fat and some don’t
  24. The Top 5 Regrets of the Dead and the Dying
  25. Why prevention is such a hard sell and what to do about it
  26. The measurable benefits of exercise
  27. The Football Field of Evolution
  28. An important exercise
  29. Two minutes to Super hero
  30. Sitting is the new smoking
  31. Plan your meals
  32. Are you climbing the wrong mountain?
  33. A Scuba Divers Tool That Will Work For You Too
  34. Maximum Results In Minimum Time
  35. How much water should you drink?
  36. 4 steps to make the next 12 months your best yet
  37. Be Here Now
  38. Why Growth is rarely linear
  39. Junk Food Hangover
  40. The Life Countdown Experiment
  41. Stress is a sign of life
  42. Why Lack of exercise is killing as many people as smoking or obesity
  43. Small plates at the all you can eat buffet
  44. Right choices
  45. If you don’t measure it you might miss it
  46. How much?
  47. The most powerful exercise you can do
  48. The perfect diary
  49. The power of meditation
  50. How your Hunter Gatherer Ancestors Got Their Workout
  51. Eat a rainbow
  52. How to escape the tyranny of self-improvement
  53. The Great Karachi
  54. The consequences of an inactive lifestyle are really quite stark
  55. Three Squares a Day – Discretionary snacks no longer discretionary
  56. Proof you’re more beautiful than you dare to imagine
  57. Early to bed, early to rise…
  58. Is weakness in old age inevitable?
  59. Eat, Fast, Repeat
  60. What everyone should know about self-esteem
  61. The dangers of sleep loss
  62. How to Tackle Back Pain Hell
  63. Eat More Greens
  64. What Do You Stand For?
  65. Four Tips to Help You Get a Great Nights Sleep
  66. Dangers of sitting down too much
  67. Professor Paul Kenny’s Rats
  68. You’re Tiny and Insignificant (but in a good way)
  69. Why Do You Age?
  70. Beautiful Strength
  71. The Skinny on Fat
  72. What Happens, Happens for the Best

And that’s only the headings from the first 18 Chapters…

Much of this information has previously only been available to my inner circle of Healthy Ageing Digest subscribers. And it’s all supported by reputable science wherever possible so you can rely on it. You simply cannot find another resource as valuable and as trustworthy as this when it comes to Living and Ageing Well.

I’ll tell you clearly what to do and why you should do it, in simple, straight forward language. You need this information so you can make the best choices for your life and your loved ones and stack the odds of a longer, healthier and happier life in your favour.

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ZEN+ eBook

Here’s what Paul wrote to me after reading ZEN+:

“I am enjoying very much the Zen + book. You surely have a way of arranging in a very logical and thought provoking way all the important aspects of life. You also have a way of concisely writing about each topic while putting forth the most important information on that topic.” – Paul Hoderlein

And here’s what Martin had to write about ZEN+

This would be my genuine testimonial for Zen+ The Art of Living Healthier for Longer:

‘Timothy Ferris’ but Concise. Sensational!
Marcus Santer is clearly passionate about helping people and it shines through every page. Compact yet brimming with useful knowledge to transform your life, nothing is missing or wasted.

I couldn’t put it down and when I finally did Marcus cleverly rewards us by summarising all 30 chapters into bite size portions to quickly digest anytime, allowing the reader to ingrain the information into life changing behaviours.

Buy it, read it and tell everyone about it.

Martin Wignell

Okay, it’s decision time…

If you think you might benefit from:

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**** Nothing will be sent through the post you will be able to access your copy immediately after payment.*****

ZEN+ eBook
Bye for now

Marcus Santer



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